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Coastal Tank & Testing LLC. is a registered UST contractor with A&B licensed technicians. We are set up and ready to deccommission your Stage 2 system as per TCEQ standards. We are sensitive to the needs of Station Owners and Customers.  We will efficiently insure your compliance with TCEQ requirements, minimizing your station downtime.

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Petroleum Tank & Testing

Coastal Tank & Testing LLC technicians have more than thirty (30) years of experience with petroleum storage tank services including installations, removals, repairs, testing and corrosion protection. Let Coastal Tank & Testing LLC assist you and ensure your facility remains well-maintained and ready for an annual OCC inspection. We offer services statewide, as well as regionally. Call us at (281)442-8402 to schedule a compliance audit, tank tightness test, line tightness test, line leak detector test, function test of sensors and leak detectors, or a three year cathodic protection recertification.

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